About Me

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet!


My story is quite dull really.

As a kid growing up in Norfolk, I was the quiet loner who spent his days watching birds, catching bugs and greeting every dog I met! At one point I even had a “zoo” which consisted of various bugs in old sweet containers, a few mice and a couple of frogs - who promptly escaped. I never did care much for the company of people and would spend time caring for a range of pets instead, from just about every rodent known, to birds (I love quail!) and finally reptiles and amphibians who I have a special place in my heart for.


From my time out and about I picked up some tricks when it came to finding and approaching animals, allowing myself to become a little wild in the process!  


My love of travel actually started quite late, family holidays allowed me to explore new areas but wasn’t quite right for me. I’ve read travel books for years and dreamed of exploring exotic locations and spending days in the wild, turns out that pretty expensive to do these days!

But things changed when I arrived in Derbyshire years ago, I have since been wandering all over the place checking out the villages, towns and moorlands. Then I took a trip that changed everything…


2015, I was really getting into photography (always enjoyed it as a kid but quite frankly I sucked at it)  and wished to learn more and share my travels and encounters with people. So I booked a solo trip to the Lakes, Keswick being my base.


From before dawn till after dark I was walking and exploring. I saw ancient stone circles, waterfalls, beautiful lakes with stunning mountain backdrops and incredible slate buildings. I loved every second of it! Just me and my camera, walking when I wanted to walk for as long as I wished. It would become a new goal in life, what if I could do this every day?


Well, money and life hasn’t allowed that, but I have explored further afield on bus and train (I myself do not drive) and even seen a couple of new countries.


With each new trip, the passion grows, the desire to see more, to do more, to understand more just keeps growing!


So although my pace is slow, my destination is the world and its amazing sights, really hope you’ll explore the world with me through my images!!

Scott Cobb