About Me

Guess there's not much to say really, but i thought it only fair you know a little about me while visiting my site.

I was originally born in Norfolk and spent alot of my childhood watching wildlife and one of my early childhood memories is catching various bugs for my "zoo" (old sweet jars in the conservatory!) with my prize catch being 2 froglets from a nearby ditch. Those little guys soon escaped but guess they were the start of my special fondness for Frog and Toads. As i grew older i got into Bird watching and saw a great number of different species along the coast. It was during my childhood holidays however that i was introduced to Derbyshire, along with the lakes and Yorkshire. Kinda funny how i always knew my way around Derbyshire better than where i was born! 


In 2005 (or there about's my memory of numbers is incredibly bad) we moved up north to the Peak District and i am alot happy because of it :D   It was also around this time that i developed a true interest in photography. Even as a kid i have always had a camera which i took garden bird shots with and took on holidays but it was when i arrived in Derbyshire that i took it more seriously. 


A few years after arriving and i had a DSLR and was starting to get out and about taking photos! A couple years ago i also started to travel and take short breaks or day trips to see more places including my first trip abroad to Brugges in Belgium. The fact i don't know how to drive can be limiting but makes travel and walking alot more interesting and i am now thinking of learning but first i wish travel about more. 


I am planning on doing more traveling and wildlife watching in the future and thanks to this site and social media platforms, i'm going to share my travels with you!      

Scott Cobb

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