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The Minster of York!

My recent and longer trip to the city of York allowed for more photography and i set myself a few targets while there. Top of the list was of-course the Minster.

Dominating the skyline of York, this magnificent building demands your attention and holds it for a long time indeed. Although much has changed as times progressed the Minster or at least it's foundation has been around since the time of the Romans and the modern look took some 250 years to construct.

It is of-course a place of worship to the Christian god and is dedicated to St.Peter, this is why the Crossed keys (plus upside down cross) are such prominent symbols both inside and on the exterior of the building.

On the exterior you can see incredible amount of carvings and the craftsmanship is truly a sight to behold. Over the generations people have added, replaced and repaired it's many gargoyles, arches and poles and as you allow your eyes to wander you can see this history as you notice new carvings and old plus the occasional one that has clearly seen better days! The amount of stone used on such a building is probably beyond any measurement but several local quarries were exhausted in its creation.

Not only is the detail remarkable but given the sheer size of this building it (or at least part of it) can almost be seen from anywhere in the city. It is also worth mentioning that aswell as being a Minster (Meaning missionary church ) it is also a Cathedral (where a Bishop has a throne called "cathedra") and it's full name is in fact: The cathedral and metropolitical church of st. Peter in York.

Not quite as catchy a title really is is?

From a photo stand point the building is a pain to capture! It's sheer scale and fact it's closely surrounded by other buildings makes it hard to isolate. So this time around i tried to take images of the details and different views you have of the minster from nearby streets.

I can honestly say that i have plenty more images to take of this building as the more time i spent looking at it, the more details i would find and like other buildings i have seen the light and weather really affects its mood. I will be returning for more!!

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