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Into the Minster

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

This time around i was able to go inside York Minster and have a look around. The price of entry was £10 and the ticket lasts for an entire year! Excellent value, i didn't do the tower walk as given my fear of heights i decided it was best to ignore that part. The tower tours are a good chance to see York from a higher perspective however and i think it was only £5.50 or something so worth it if you don't mind the 275 steps and towering heights.

Inside the Minster was even more impressive that outside and was divided into several areas including the Chapter House (most impressive part of the minster in my humble opinion), Quire, undercroft and old crypts. Unfortunately the treasury was closed on my visit but from what i could see looked interesting. I spent a good two hours exploring this amazing building and can honestly say i was impressed and very glad i was able to see it with my own eyes. I highly recommend a visit if you can, you won't be disappointed.

Anyway on to the pictures! Afraid they are not the best as my camera really doesn't cope well when using high ISO but i hope you like the images and are inspired to see the York Minster for yourself!

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