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The shambles of York

This is perhaps the most photographed street in England and definitely one of the best known. Quirky, olde worlde, different - that is the Shambles.

Originally a place of butchers (it was once referred to as as Flesshammel meaning "around flesh") there was once 26 on this one street. The meat would have been served on the mantles that now serve as window bottoms. Back then it would not have been a pleasant place, you notice the steep fall and raised pavements? That was so the butchers could wash away waste. Blood, Offal and bone would gush down the shambles at least twice a week. You could just imagine the stench of it!

Nowdays of-course it's a popular tourist spot (most popular street in Europe by some accounts) and is also the oldest street in york and the best preserved medieval street in Europe so is a very unique and important area. With it's wooden facades, unusual tilts and uneven buildings it's been a an inspiration

for many things including Diagon alley of Harry potter (there is now a Potter themed shop that i highly recommend visiting called "The Shop That Must Not Be Named").

It's a fascinating place to check out and with the irregular angles of the buildings, a fun place to photograph. Talking of which, here are some shots i took. Hope you like them!

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