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A pleasant Pheasant

So the other week when that bright round thing was in the sky, can't remember its name now, i found myself in a local field with a male pheasant.

Now these birds are far from rare but i have only ever taken about two images so this was an opportunity not to be missed! Although not a native of our fair land, it's safe to say that the humble and slightly dim witted Pheasant has become a firm part of our farms and countryside. Especially along roads where they seem to have a near suicidal nature towards vehicles!

After firing off a quick shot showing his entire length in fear of him flying off, i slowly got ahead of where he was walking and laid down with my camera at the ready. I got lucky - very lucky! The light was absolutely gorgeous and did a wonderful job of highlighting those iridescent feathers that males have. They really are stunning birds to look at and when calmly walking and feeding quite regal and royal looking. Amazing how i've never noticed this dignified stance before, i normally see them panic along roads, go back and forth or in circles and occasionally doing that rocket launch they are fond of.

Here though was a relaxed and confident bird with beautiful plumage and vibrant colors. The encounter lasted about an hour before he simply walked away and i choose not to follow as he allowed such nice images. Talking of which i hope you enjoy these shots.

See you on the next blog!

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