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Solomon Temple and some flowers

Well it has been a while since I've made a blog post hasn't it? No excuse I have simply been lazy but hopefully that will change now that spring has (supposedly) arrived here in Derbyshire.

With a sunny day (all day too!!) on Thursday I decided to head out to Buxton, with the poor weather I have mostly stuck to my home area but this can get abit dull at times so going a little further afield was to do me the world of good. I have wanted to photograph the folly above Pooles Cavern called "Solomons Temple" for some time but never got round to doing it. So armed with a map app and a vague idea of where to go, that became my target! I caught the early bus and was in Buxton for about half 9 so the light was really warm and pleasant, because of this I began by heading to the Pavilion park and gardens and took images of various buildings including of-course the theatre. I also took a few images of the park itself and found the Seeing stone near the Yew trees (sadly the image was blurry and I didn't notice till my return but can easily retake the image) which was great to see. However the gardens themselves were still shut so I headed off to the Tower.

The square with it's columns and arches

The Palace Hotel - incredible building

A slightly blurry seeing stone!

It didn't take long to find pooles cavern and therefore the woodlands of Grinlow where Solomons Temple is found. The entrance to the woods featured a beautiful carving, showing the lime workers, wildlife and fossils associated with the area. The path leading up to Grinlow was littered with carvings of fossils and even a life sized (or near enough) wood sculpture of a Lime worker. The climb was easy enough as the path made a winding way towards the top so wasn't steep. Upon arriving at the top you are greeted with an impressive sight. Dozens of old mounds and burials from the many Lime kilns that were once here, remarkably there are even a scattering of old walls. What I was surprised by however was that people working these Kilns actually lived here aswell, in simple dug out homes much like a Hobbit hole. Some 200 people lived here at one point, it must have been a hard place to live and work. However as impressive the remains were they pale in comparison to the tower. Built by the Victorians to give work to the local unemployed, it became a popular relaxing viewpoint that people went to after enjoying the spas in town. The sun was in my face when I approached which meant I couldn't take a good image of the entrance, but I could photograph it from the side and even include a little foreground interest. The views from the tower are fantastic and well worth the trip up to see, from a photo stand point it doesn't really work but then you don't need to take pictures of everything do we? I will mention however that the steps coming down are tricky, especially if you have a backpack! There is however hand rails so is quite safe if you take slow and go down almost sideways.

The classic view

Using the rocks to add foreground interest

The lime worker, taking a break

The wooden art at the beginning of the woods - amazing!

It was a brilliant little trip and I must say I loved the woods too! Once summer kicks in it should become a fantastic area fro butterflies and other insects. Upon returning to the park the pavilion gardens were open so in I went. the scent of the flowers was amazing as was the variety of colours, wonderful to walk through and shows that spring really has arrived. Before I headed back on the bus I went to scribers book store and found a newly released book by Byron Machin about the Stone circles of the peak district, should help feed my fascination with such places.

That's it! Hope you liked this blog and I will try to write more this year :D

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