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Return of the Toads!

The toads have returned to my local woodlands and as always i'm about watching them and taking pictures to boot. I love toads!!! Easily my favourite animal as they have so much character and personality. Despite this, outside of the breeding time they are rarely seen around my way and i'm missing out on many images of behaviour seen away from breeding such as hunting. Regardless I don't tend to miss the breeding season and simply enjoy watching these little guys. This year like last I did have some goals and once again I failed! The idea is to photograph a good sized mating ball, I have done it once but even though I was wet to my knees trying to get near a large sized ball this year I just couldn't get that shot. I did however photograph the sad end most female toads face at the end of breeding, being drowned by the weight of the males. Not a nice picture but important as shows what happens after breeding. Other shots I wanted were swimming and water climbing plus some backlit portraits. No luck with the portraits but managed a few water inspired images.

Of-course I took yet more portraits as well!! Must be nearing the 500 mark now for those images ha ha! But why not? As I said I love these guys and they were the first animal I truly photographed with the idea of creating a full portfolio. Perhaps later this year I can find more and even take some hunting, walking and back lit images. I guess I could take the old fashioned metamorphous images, but I don't feel comfortable taking things out of nature. Perhaps next year, but anyway enough rambling here's some more pics!

Hope you liked this blog and see you on the next one!

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