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Among the Bluebells

Bluebells, truly a sign and symbol of the English summer. The sight and scent of a carpet of bluebells is a joy to behold, especially on a sunny day and it was a sunny day when I headed to a local woods in search of flowers. It began badly though, the first area had nothing but seed heads, had I missed the blooming period? I continued walking, enjoying the bird calls and gentle breeze when I came to the next area and there it was. A sea of blues and violets spread out over the woodland, it was a wonderful sight.

But photographing bluebells can be annoying, at least for me, trying to capture that feeling you have upon seeing such colour is hard but this year I was determined to do a better job and to do so I changed my style. No longer after every detail I was trying to capture the colour itself, so a shallow depth of focus and use of a zoom lens became my style that day. For the most part it worked or was at least a big improvement over my efforts last year. Blurring the flowers to show off the colours while trying to find a focal point wasn't easy but was fun and i'm pleased with the results.

Another image I was after was simple, a path through the flowers. Simple but elusive, however as I walked the paths I found a narrow trackway. It was ideal for what I was after and using a shallow depth of focus again, combined with a low angle, made some nice images indeed. Still not quite what I want but it was a vast improvement over previous years and seeing improvement in my work is always a god thing.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics and until the next blog, good bye for now.

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