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A day at Cambridge

So the other week I had a day trip to the city of Cambridge. I used Andrews coach for this trip and as before it was a quick and comfortable ride, plus this time we had sunshine! So Cambridge, an unusual city that seems to be a giant university and an unhealthy amount of cyclists. From a photo stand point it was difficult as all the buildings seem to merge together and isolating styles or a particular church proved challenging. The city itself however is fantastic with plenty of energy and different style of building, and with more time i'm sure I could take more impressive images.

The day began with a trip to the Polar Museum and I loved it! Quite a small museum (plus gallery) it was packed with various artefacts from explorers including clothing, letters, navigation instruments, a sled and even items from the native people such as the Sami. The museum is also free entry (though a donation would help them out) and I spent a good hour looking at everything - that reminds me, be sure to check the draw displays too as some interesting letters and charts plus medals.

Next door (or near enough) was the church of our lady, incredible building! Although I failed to photograph the building as a whole I did manage some cool shots of the various gargoyles. Inside the church was also impressive but given a mass was in session I thought it best to exit.

From then on I was mostly just wandering around, getting a little frustrated that I was unable to isolate some of the beautiful buildings I discovered. But it was an enjoyable trip and I did manage to photograph the bridge of signs which was a very nice bonus. I do think for this city, early starts and a lot of prep work is needed to truly capture it so perhaps i'll visit again.

More images to follow but for now here's a few to give you a taste :)

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