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Castlerigg Stone Circle

October 2015, my first trip for photography and one focused on Landscapes. Where better to start than the lake district?

One of the places I visited was Castlerigg stone circle just outside Keswick. It happened after a mess up with the buses, I was waiting to be picked up but the bus arrived full so I ended up getting a taxi. The driver was an older gentleman with a great shaggy beard and plenty of character!

As we drove back to town (I was at Winlatter) we discussed and corrected the many woes of the world today and somehow got talking about the stone circle. It was my intention to walk to it following a guide but the path was closed for repair, so taxi it was.

The stones did not disappoint

The original idea was to photograph the sunset but despite some promise, it never happened. However I had quite a long wait for the taxi and as it grew darker and darker I had the place to myself, well and a few sheep. It was a strange feeling being alone with these ancient stones and I felt a great energy to the place.

I don't know why but even though it was night time and black (I couldn't see the skyline by my own sight) I decided to take some images. I was here for landscapes after all.

These were the images I managed, given I was only guided by a grainy image on live view I think I did OK. Of-course I made many mistakes with this being my first real time focusing on landscape and now I would make a lot of changes to the settings!

But I wanted to share these images with you as I became interested with stone circles ever since. I came away from that place changed and hope to one day return to enjoy the magical setting of the Castlerigg Stone Circle.

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Scott Cobb