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Whitworth Park project begins

This year I have put a strong focus towards photographing local towns and villages as I wish to build up a library of Derbyshire images. Also despite living up here some 13 years my collection of images is laughably poor!

Case of point, Darley Dale.

My home, so I should have plenty of images right? I do.....of the woods....wildlife.....but of the Village on the whole? Umm not so much.

So I have begun to correct this and already started with the signal box at darley crossing and the local church but the big focal point of Darley is Whitworth institute and park. Now I have a few images of the park but when it comes to the Whitworth building, I had.....2 images.

I know, I know!

So lets change that, today was gloomy but I went to the institute to plan out potential images in better light (I'm aiming for this weekend) and found several compositions that I believe will work. Given I was already there however I started to take more image of the park, but this time focusing of man made elements. First up is the Whitworth memorial, this I have photographed but now have better ideas for it. But with the gloomy weather acting as a giant diffuser I started to take some detail shots of the dedications.

Following on from this I looked for other gloomy day specials and finally gave one of the ponds some special attention. Now the park actually has 3 (and a bit) ponds, the old boating pond that was drained and restored into a nature pond, a concrete pond that was once a magnet for Toads and a sheltered pond that's popular with birds in the winter. It was the sheltered pond I focussed on as again the grey skies allowed easy and balanced exposures. The focus point is a small wooden bridge, the pond on the whole isn't overly photogenic but was very deserving of becoming part of my Darley Dale folder. These are the images I took.

So that was my start to Darley Dale images and I have several plans now for future visits, especially with better weather coming. I know I'm lazy when it comes to this blog but that will also change as I have become much more focussed and driven in my photography pursuits.

Thanks for reading!

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