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Whitworth Institute

Today I finally did what I've been talking about for years, I photographed the Whitworth Institute. It really is an incredible building with columns and carvings, but it's not easy to photograph as a whole. With foliage and limited space I knew that images of the entire building would be poor. However I started early to give it a try. Before the traffic picks up and before the people begin to appear, I was on the pavement with a massive tripod trying a panorama and it kinda worked but i'm not happy with it yet. But I tried and after I found those images I spotted and noted a few days ago.

The light was glorious! Warm sunshine on warm sandstone created some real magic. I focussed on the details and small areas of the building, the results were good, very good.

I did make a slight mistake though, I forgot my bloody zoom lens! But this is the advantage of working locally, I took the images I needed with the lens I had and then I headed home changed the lens and came back for the close ups.

It has taken far too long to take these images but the timing was perfect, my vision is better and I've learnt to take a step back and stare. So often we only see the obvious and miss those special compositions, here are some of my favourites from this mornings session.

After taking these images the temperature was getting higher and higher but I headed down to Darley Dale station to continue my Peak Rail project. Last time is was during a mini monsoon this time it was too hot! But I managed some more images of the station building before I headed down the footpath to photograph the train itself.

On the way however I had a special encounter.

Painted lady butterfly, been a long time since I've seen one of those. Their flight is amazing to watch, graceful and effortless and with their beautiful colours they demand your attention. Lacking my macro lens I used my 70-200, thankfully its really good at Butterfly photography and after many failed images, I got a shot I wanted! It was a wonderful experience and made my day.

Shortly after I photographed the train, I wasn't happy with the images but I got some ideas for the next time. Following that I decided to head home as I was just getting too hot. In fact it was so hot that the grass on the rail tracks caught fire! Only a small fire that shouldn't spread but I informed the man at the Signal box so they were aware.

Anyway here are some of the pics.

Got some new villages planed for next week so stay tuned for more!

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