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Duffield Morning

Duffield was a new location for me and not one I planned out. Having passed its train station many times I decided to stop and have a wander. From the station you really wouldn't expect too much of this town but as soon as I was walking its main street I was pleasantly surprised by its charm.

I passed various old cottages before reaching the Methodist church, a beautiful red brick building, and passing an old Masons building before finding the Pub called the pattern makers. Lovely looking building with red brick and timber framed exterior, it even had the old "smoke room" windows!

Following on from this I circled back towards town, stopping off at the Duffield Castle. Although only the outer foundations remain it's a peaceful spot outside of town and the old castle would have been much bigger than I originally thought. From a photo standpoint it was a dead end, just couldn't bring anything to life. Was also some nice woodland up there and I saw several butterflies in the grassy areas.

Heading back into town I walked all the way to the other end of Duffield to the Church, taking in the red brick buildings and old work houses as I passed. It was while on the way to the church that I passed the Manor house (on the main road) and what a building! Sadly it appears to currently have no use but the grounds were maintained and it was quite a sight! Wonder how many rooms were in there?

Passing that I crossed a railway bridge and found the church, the light to begin with was harsh and vile but later on it became cloudy and allowed for better images.

I explored the church and it's graveyards and then found a "hidden view" from a fishing platform of a stone bridge crossing the river, it was a beautiful scene. After resting and enjoying the view I made my way back towards the station taking images as I went now the light was better, however about half way I detoured to the millennium nature reserve. Quite a good size with wild meadows, a few ponds and a woodland, this is definitely a location to return to for macro and wildlife work.

Afterwards I grabbed a bite to eat from the bakery and had one last walk about town while waiting for the train before heading back home. it was a great morning out, there's not much in Duffield but there's plenty to see!

Here's a selection of pics, Enjoy

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