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Buxton Well Dressings

After seeing a little leaflet informing me, I headed to Buxton for the morning to photograph the well dressings. I love how colourful well dressings are and trying to photograph more this year.

The morning started at the "lions well" where I found the first and perhaps best of the well dressings, I was especially impressed by the use of eg shell for the skin tones. With it still being quite early I then headed to the park to take some more images of the Octagon conservatory (in sunshine this time!) before following the path through the Serpentine walk and finding Gadby woods. Quite small woodland but a lovely walk especially given the sunshine.

Upon heading back the pump room was open so I was able to grab a shot of the dressing there plus a couple of snaps of the room itself. This was only opened end of last year and I'm so glad they restored it, looking forward to seeing the Crescent hotel being restored to its glory - I WILL be spending a night there once done!

Moving forward I saw the trio of dressings at the river gardens and I loved the dragon!! Finally after abit of searching between the fair ground, I found the final well dressing at the market place.

Well I guess that's it, short blog this time around but here are some pics!

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