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Bakewell Drizzle

Continuing my focus on Derbyshire Villages and towns, I headed to Bakewell on Sunday morning. A local town I have been too hundreds of time but in terms of images I had....eight. Yeah that's not very good at all! So today I made a start on boosting that folder.

The weather was overcast to begin with but then turned to consistent drizzle, not the best of conditions but at least I didn't need to worry of highlights!

I started at the memorial church (off yield road) and then made my way down into town photographing various buildings as I went. The church was nice and combined with some classic views such as the Rutland Arms, the original pudding shop and the gardens meant that the morning was quite fruitful.

One of the last thing I photographed was the "locket bridge", the metal bridge that crosses the Wye river. Now I personally don't like these padlocks being there. It started as one or two and had meaning but now its simply a "thing" to do in Bakewell and in my view looks tacky and overkill. I always favour those that want them removed and have signed various petitions to have the bloody things removed but they remain. I hope one day they will be removed especially as the secondary and smaller metal bridge (that you cross before the main one if park by the indoor markets) is now getting covered by the things!

Anyway rant aside! The morning was a good start on my Bakewell folders and albums. Here's some pics, I hope you enjoy!

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