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Bradwell Walkabout

Bradwell, a small but curious village in the dark peak area of Derbyshire. Famous for Ice Cream and being a starting point for many walks around the area. I spent a few hours photographing this village and loved it! Even if there were some road works blocking a few potential images.

My main focus was on the stream that runs through the heart of the village and literally goes under peoples homes. I was surprised that the river was carpeted in beautiful white flowers and delighted to spot a water vole feeding on them. I didn't get a shot of Ratty but did take some beautiful images of the stream especially around the Crow Foot Bridge, beautiful viewpoint.

I wandered around the Church of St Barnabas with its exposed bell and simply enjoyed wandering around the streets and footpaths.

There isn't too much to Bradwell in many regards and you can explore it in a couple of hours but there's something special about this place, and I highly recommend a visit if you can.

And now a few piccys!

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