• Scott Cobb

Caught in a web

Spider webs in early morning dew, a beautiful sight, even more so when the early morning light catches them.

I headed to the small nature reserve at Peak Village to have a look around and see what was about. Though small the reserve is amazing for macro work and I was happy as a pig in.....um well I was happy running around photographing the various spider webs I found.

I haven't taken any images of spider webs for years but this turned out to be a fantastic location for it and I'm hopeful to find some nice frosty webs in the winter.

As I walked around, looking at the various plants, flowers and birds, I started to think about my passion for nature. It would seem that I got distracted this year and stopped putting the focus on wild images. That will change as I continue to grow and develop my macro and nature images.

The truth is I know my best images image's are macro, wild scenes and wildlife. Simply because they are the shots I love to take and so I take more time when taking photos.

I am now reading and studying again, making changes in life to improve it and my work. It won't be easy but i have a far clearer vision of what I want to accomplish.

So you can expect to see more wild images on my blogs and social media outlets. I may not upload as often but i will be uploading images i love taking!

Thanks for reading :)

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Scott Cobb