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Falls after rain

After the recent rains the local rivers and streams are swollen with water and that means that small waterfalls that are often little more than a trickle become a more dominate force. I decided to head up to Copy Woods as I knew it had a small fall that after rain always looks good, I wasn't wrong!

Although still small, the stream and falls take such a erratic path that it allows plenty of different compositions and I love nothing more than scrambling over wet rocks looking for new images.

I did have an "oops" moment though, as I was crossing the stream to get a better look up, the rock I was stepping onto gave way! Thankfully I always plant my feet so I didn't go anywhere and just had my foot hanging out in the air until I found a better foothold.

The stream is really in two parts as the upper levels are really a babbling brook, while the lower falls are fast moving and a true waterfall. This time I decided to photograph the lower falls but getting down to photograph them took a while. Basically I slid my way down to the river and from there was able to scramble and crisscross the stream looking for photo opportunities, this was followed by taking a run up the hill and almost clawing my way back to the path! But the results were worth it.

Before I headed back, I had a walk to the very top of the stream and was rewarded with a magical moment seeing the sun breaking through the trees, nature is my therapy and my energy.

Guess that's all there is to say so I hope you enjoy the pictures and until next time, stay wild!





A magical moment

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