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Getting back into the swing of things

To say I've been in a rut and a slump this past year or so, is putting it mildly.

Work, is lacking. Travel, lacking. Money, an endangered species. Mojo, gone.

But that is all going to change! I can't control everything in my life but I can control how I deal with them and take charge of my actions. I'm starting off by simply getting out again, every day I walk a min of 5km and take my camera with me.

With restricted funds even local travel will become very limited, but I'm surrounded by woods, parks and rivers. So in spite of my wanderlust for new locations, I'm being sensible and fully exploring my local area and finding new creatures to watch and photograph.

Like this guy...

A Rhino Beetle, but not THE Rhino Beetle, a smaller creature (Sinodendron cylindricum). Quite common but not seen one for myself until this week.

I'll be honest, most days I return empty handed or with an image too poor for sharing. However by getting out there again and on a daily basis, I'm starting to find new bugs and possible landscapes for later on in the year.

I even saw the Well Dressing at Rowsley (Didn't realize that had started again) and always love seeing the vibrant colours of those!

Amazing how these are created, the artists are truly amazing in skill and creativity!

Well I guess that's it for this blog entry, but I'll try to be write more often and see more of my home in Derbyshire :)

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