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High Ho High Tor!

The sun was just beginning to awaken in the morning mist when I decided to head to Matlock for a walk. It had been a while since I've been along High Tor and given the weather and relative ease of the walk (I had a bad back this particular morning) decided it would be an ideal place to wander.

First passing through the park and crossing the little wooden bridge, before following the river to its start. The Derwent was running fast and higher than I've seen for a while but that seemed to be a good thing as I saw two dippers on my walk up to the Tor, amazing birds with dark brown bodies and a bright white "bib". Dipping in and out of the water while bopping around on the exposed rocks as they hunt, these birds always seem to be in motion and are a firm river favourite of mine.

Leaving the river behind me, I headed up the path through the train tunnel and to the "high tor grounds" entrance. The climb up, despite its height, is very easy and well difined and after passing a few sheep I arrived at the first viewpoint that overlooks Matlock. The view is pleasant but not great when photographed, the tree behind it however with its autumn colours coming through was great to photograph with the fence leading the eye nicely. The second viewpoint is more interesting and allowed for a different perceptive of the cottages lining the A6. With the height and using a wide angle I was able to capture the curve of the road and cottages as the follow the Derwent's own route.

Following the bend in the river Derwent

Shortly after that viewpoint is my favourite view, that of Castle Riber. The sun rises behind the castle and I keep meaning to return to try for a sunset but never seem to do so! The morning view is beautiful though and I always wonder if the "beast" of riber will make an appearance while I'm up here, never does but seeing a Lynx would be incredible. After admiring the view and having a quick rest on the enclosed bench, I headed to the summit itself.

Sun rises behind the castle

The summit is an open and rocky area, which given my fear of heights is not a happy place for me! However it does allow for an open view of Matlock Bath and I always enjoy seeing the cable cars going back and forth to the heights of Abraham.

Love watching these cable cars!

While still at the top I managed some autumn images of the trees, the ones by the radio tower were especially colourful and provided a nice image. A quick look at the old lead mines and then it was down the zig-zag path that leads to Matlock Bath before i turned around and head back the way i came! It was a wonderful walk and one near to home, its easy to forget how lucky i am living in Derbyshire, there are amazing walks and even better views everywhere!

Autumn colours at the radio tower

Thus my walk ended and a short bus ride took me home, a wonderful morning out and a few new images to boot.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog and until next time, stay wild!

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