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Winter is.....wet


Frozen ponds, ice patterns on your windows, snow covering the leafless trees and a crisp cold morning air. Only that is not happening yet! No instead we have rain and plenty of it. After the recent floods, the fact that yet more rain is falling in a seemingly endless fashion, I can not help but dread looking out my window in the mornings.

Still winter tends to be a meh period for me and my photography, macro and landscapes can still be accomplished but with travel funds at an all time low, I am limited with where I venture. But such things are beyond my control so there is no point in complaining, I am British however so complain I will! But it is best to focus on what one is able to control so with this weather seemingly set in for the next decade I going to have to change tactic. I may start to focus more on "indoor" work, perhaps with a focus on stock photography or maybe have a wonder around some new churches and museums for interior shots.

Rain isn't the enemy of photography of course and there are plenty of opportunities for rainy day images, particularly in cities and towns. The other good thing about the rain is it often causes mist and that is always fun to play around with, I especially enjoy taking "spooky" images and got a few of those planed for when conditions are right.

Whitworth Park during the spooky hour!

The weather aside, I have had the chance to reflect on my work and in many ways I am pleased with how the quality is coming along when compared to a year ago, I am taking more time with composition and also with editing, spotting and correcting annoying mistakes before I share the images. Business is of-course slow but unlike last year not dead. I have had images published by local papers and even a cover on a local magazine, plus I photographed an indoor awards event and fireworks! All new things for me and even my little Etsy store has had a couple of sales.

Only little accomplishments but I am allowing myself to take pride in them. Plus i have a special trip boked for January that I can't wait to experiance!

So I guess that's it, just an update kind of blog really as i tend to forget to write the blasted things!

Until next time, stay wild!

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